Whistler Performance Lubricants is a Canadian brand of high-performance, environmentally-friendly lubricants, grease and suspension fluids.

Whistler Performance Lubricants is a Whistler-based bio-lubricant technology company devoted to making green alternatives for bicycle lubricants and care products.

We have created the world's first complete product line of chain oil, suspension oil, grease, degreaser, and other products made from strictly plant and vegetable oils.

The products developed by WPL are unique and unmatched by the competition.


No CautionAll of our products feature our signature No Caution symbol, which comically points out the difference between our products and the competition. WPL products do not require danger/caution symbols because they are completely non-toxic, biodegradable and safe to the human touch.

Canada FlagAll of our products are developed and manufactured in Canada.



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Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and petroleum-free.

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Suspension Oil FAQ

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